1. The American military has found a missing F-35 fighter jet after its pilot ejected during an “incident.”


F-35 fighter jet, In South Carolina, employees at an American Air Force base had sought the public’s assistance in locating the jet or its remnants. A Marine Corps pilot safely ejected over northern Charleston on Sunday afternoon and was taken to the hospital after parachuting to the ground.

F-35 fighter jet

F-35 fighter jet

Military spokesperson Major Melanie Salinas stated that his condition is stable.

The aircraft was ultimately located in a rural part of Williamsburg County, about two hours northeast of Charleston.

Residents were advised to stay away from the area while a recovery team worked to secure it.

The base posted on Twitter, “We are in the process of transitioning incident command to USMC as they begin the recovery process.” In a Facebook post, Joint Base Charleston said, The public is urged to help military and civilian officials as the effort proceeds.

It described the incident as an “accident” and encouraged anyone with information that could assist “recovery teams” in their search to come forward.

After the weather improved, police helicopters joined the search campaign over Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion.

Officials are investigating why the pilot ejected from the aircraft.

The aircraft and pilot were assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, which is located not far from the Atlantic coast of South Carolina.

2. F 35 fight Jet Has bean crashed after the ejection of the pilot at the South Carolina rural area on Monday 18 sept.2023

3. When did the F35 fighter jet disappear?

American military officials are searching for an F-35 fighter jet that went missing near South Carolina after an incident that forced the pilot to eject.

On Sunday, a Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II jet encountered an “incident” during a flight, leading the pilot to eject approximately five miles outside Charleston – near Joint Base Charleston Air Force Base. He had to parachute to safety after ejecting.

While the pilot was safe and sound, some how the F-35 fighter jet went missing. Joint Base Charleston has referred to this as merely an “accident.”

Now, the Marine Corps, Air Force, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have initiated a cooperative search effort.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Joint Base Charleston has reached out to the public for information. They released contact information, saying, “If you have any information that could assist our recovery teams in locating the F-35 fighter jet, please call the Base Defense Operations Center at 843-963-3600.”

Joint Base Charleston stated, “Based on the last known location of the jet and coordination with the FAA, we are concentrating our efforts north of JB Charleston, around Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion.”

A spokesperson for Joint Base Charleston told The Washington Post that the jet’s transponder, which typically helps locate aircraft, was not functioning. The malfunction’s root cause has not yet been found.

The company that manufactures the F-35 fighter jet, Lockheed Martin, describes this fighter jet as “the world’s most lethal, survivable, and connected fighter jet.”

4. An American F-35 fighter jet has gone missing during a mid-air emergency.

According to The Guardian’s report, after safely ejecting from the aircraft on Sunday, a U.S. Marine Corps combat plane went missing over South Carolina. American military officials have appealed to the public for help in locating the multi-million-dollar aircraft.

Officials stated that a Marine Corps pilot safely ejected the F-35 Lightning II jet north of Charleston on Sunday afternoon after an “incident.” Base authorities said they were searching with coordination from federal aviation regulators around two lakes north of the city.

The primary Joint Base Charleston has reached out to local residents for assistance in locating the aircraft.

5. Missing Jet Located: F-35 Fighter jet Aircraft Recovered After Incident in South Carolina; Naval Operations Suspended

According to the defense agency, the Marine Corps is now handling the investigation, which has been classified as a “Class-A mishap.” This classification occurs when damage reaches $2.5 million or more, an aircraft is destroyed, or someone is killed or permanently incapacitated. Acting Commandant General Eric Smith issued a statement saying that on September 18, a two-day standdown order was given to the Marine Corps as they were searching for the jet.

F 35 fighter Jet missing location

The response from the Marine Corps’ Second Marine Aircraft Wing to media requests was not immediate.

According to the manufacturer of the F-35 fighter jet, Lockheed Martin, the F-35B Lightning II is the world’s most lethal and survivable aircraft. It can travel long distances and is operated by the U.S. Marine Corps, the UK, and the Italian Air Force.

Lockheed Martin partnered with the Pentagon in 2014 to bring a new deal for the F-35 fighter jet, aiming to reduce the overall cost of the aircraft by approximately 3%.

6. Did they find the missing F-35?
F 35 Fighter Jet spacification

Yes, the wreckage of the jet was located about 80 miles north of Joint Base Charleston, where both the Air Force and Navy have military campaigns and wings stationed. The Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine units are also present at the base.

7. Where is the F-35 wreckage located?

Joint Base Charleston posted on X that the wreckage of the jet was found approximately two hours north of the base in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. Residents are being advised to stay away from the recovery area as a recovery team is working to secure it.

A spokesperson for Joint Base Charleston told USA Today that the wreckage site is about two hours north of the location where the pilot ejected and landed.

8. Why did the F-35 pilot eject ?

The Second Marine Aircraft Wing, CPOL, stated that an investigation is underway to determine the reasons for the pilot’s ejection and aircraft separation. F 35 fight Jet Has bean crashed after the ejection of the pilot.


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