1. Rep. Lauren Boebert issues an apology after being removed from a broadcast and making a false claim about vaping.


Republican Representative Lauren Boebert faced backlash last week in Colorado for her disruptive behavior at a musical play, and then on Friday, she issued an apology after initially denying that she was crying.

This apology came a day after surveillance footage emerged, showing Boebert visibly weeping in her seat at a Denver theater. Her campaign had previously refuted claims that she was crying.

Typically outspoken, Boebert stated in a Friday statement that her actions were not intended to be disrespectful or harmful, but “the reality is that she did so.”

Following complaints from members of the audience that she and another guest were weeping, singing, using their phones, and causing disturbances, they were ejected from the “Beatlejuice” musical last Sunday.

Lauren Boebert theater

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When the lights were still on, and people were taking their seats around Boebert, she can be seen in the surveillance video covering her mouth and then blowing vapor into the air. After the lights went off, footage showed Boebert dancing in her seat and glimpses of her phone as she appeared to take pictures during the performance.

Two days after the incident, Lauren Boebert posted on social media, saying, “It’s true, I thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre, and I admit to laughing and singing loudly!”

Lauren Boebert explained in her statement that she was going through a divorce, and her behavior was regrettable.

I truly don’t remember crying that evening while I was talking to my campaign manager about upcoming events, the woman claimed. “We can see how it may seem.

2. After a groping video surfaced in a theater, Lauren Boebert‘s ex speaks out in her defense, claiming that his infidelity “broke her down.”

Last week, after a video surfaced, Lauren Boebert’s ex-wife spoke out on Monday, defending her actions during a musical theater performance of “Beetlejuice” in Colorado, where the congresswoman was seen visibly upset.

Lauren Boebert kicked out of a ‘Beetlejuice’ show

Just as Boebert released a lengthy apology on Facebook, where she recommended her former spouse to be excluded from family-friendly sports for children aged 10 and above, due on September 10th. She partially attributed her behavior to her ex’s actions, which were captured on video, and said that her infidelity “broke her.”

In a Facebook post on Monday, Jason Boebert wrote, “Much of this is on me as the issue starts from the root. I am the source. When questioned about the comments’ internal sources, he remained silent.

In the post, he claimed that his unfaithful behavior has had a lasting impact on the politician and that, in the days following the release of the video showing her misconduct, he has asked the public for forgiveness.

Jason Boebert wrote, “She deserves your forgiveness and a chance to regain her trust.” “I’ve broken her in many ways, but she will always emerge stronger, and I will do the same.”

3. The theater guy won’t be going on a second date. He’s an absolute Dem

Representative Lauren Boebert says it’s a matter between her and the theater usher – saying that it was a one-time private moment that happened… and it seems her politics might be at play.

Colorado’s Congresswoman returned to D.C. on Monday – and she spoke with a photographer at the airport, who asked her about her recent theatrics outside the Capitol Hill.

Certainly, we’re talking about her wild night in Denver last week.

Lauren Boebert kicked out of a ‘Beetlejuice’ show

Talking about that date – bar owner Quinn Gallagher – it seems like he might not be lucky for a second date… at least according to what she says. She’s cutting him loose… he’s a crazy monster! Evidently, she was unaware of that before to dating him. Still, she says he’s a great guy.

What can we learn from her comments… it seems like it was their first date. If it’s true, it’s certainly interesting – especially seeing how comfortable they were with each other. Here’s hoping she enjoyed it because RLBB might not be calling her again… he was good as he was.

Anyway… Boebert is ready to put this behind her and get back to business. Mama’s gotta hustle and she got caught. You live and you learn… and sometimes, you make a connection!

Jason Boebert wrote, “She deserves your forgiveness and a chance to regain her trust.” “I’ve broken her in many ways, but she will always emerge stronger, and I will do the same.”


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