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USA nominates Mastercard Ex-CEO, Ajay Banga to be the 14th president of The World Bank

Ajay banga nominated as the president of the world bank by US president Joe Biden

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Ajay Banga, the ex-CEO of Mastercard was reported as the US’s prominent nomination for the place of the leader of the World Bank on Thursday (February 23).

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Banga is “exceptionally prepared to lead the World Bank at this crucial point in time ever“, US President Joe Biden said in an explanation, adding that he “has relevant experience for activating public-private assets to handle the most critical difficulties within recent memory, including environmental change.”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Banga’s insight “will assist him with accomplishing the World Bank’s targets of killing poverty and extending shared success while chasing after the progressions expected to actually develop the organization,” which incorporate gathering ” dedicated & ambitious objectives for the environmental adaptations and decrease the ever-rising carbon emissions”.


  • Banga is the principal Indian -born candidate for the World Bank president. Whenever picked, he would supplant David Malpass, a Trump organization nominee who said he would leave his situation in June.
  • Banga was brought up in India prior to turning into a resident of the US. He was born in Pune, Maharashtra, a western Indian state, on November 10, 1959. His dad, Lieutenant General Harbhajan Singh Banga, was a part of the Indian Armed forces.
  • As well as standing firm on different footholds at Mastercard and on the board of the American Red Cross, Kraft Food varieties, and Dow Inc., Banga, who is as of now the vice-chairman at the private equity company General Atlantic, has over 30 years of business aptitude. What’s more, he has worked with organizations including Citigroup, Pepsi, and Settle according to his LinkedIn profile.
  • He led as CEO of Mastercard for a long time prior to venturing down in December 2021. The organization expressed an objective to draw in 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small organizations during Banga’s administration, as stated in an article by Moneycontrol.
  • In his job as co-chair of the Partnership for Central America, a gathering of private sector organizations, Banga teamed up with US VP Kamala Harris to prepare assets for Northern Central America from the legislative, corporate, and not-for-profit areas.
  • Working closely with the US government, Banga has a great deal of experience and skills. He was picked by then-President Barack Obama to join the President’s Advisory on Trade Policy and Negotiations in February 2015.
  • In accordance with Biden’s, Banga’s candidature to lead the 189-country association that battles poverty expects to put environmental change up front. Banga is famous for straightforwardly communicating his worry about the hardships required of tending to environmental change. Under his initiative as CEO, Mastercard led the work to frame the Precious Planet Coalition in 2020, an assortment of around 100 organizations devoted to making monetary commitments to stop natural degradation.
  • Ajay Banga is an enthusiastic ally of closer associations between India and the US. In 2019, he stated that the world necessities a “mahagathbandhan” of the sort addressed by the Indo-US key strategic relationship and that the “two greatest democracies” can add to this.


The second individual from the Indian-American people group to enter the 2024 official bid after Nikki Haley is tech business person Vivek Ramaswamy. He has promised to “put merit back” and lessen reliance on China as he dispatches his 2024 mission.

During a live meeting with Tucker Carlson, a conservative political commentator on Fox News’ prime time program, Ramaswamy, 37, who had guardians who had moved to the US from Kerala, made the statement. He worked at a General Electric production line in Ohio.

Last week, YouTube reported Neel Mohan as the new CEO. Susan Wojcicki, a previous Google executive who ventured down from the job to focus on her family and individual undertakings, is supplanted by Mohan.

Mohan, her agent and the ongoing Chief Product Officer of YouTube, will presently take over as the President of the organization.


The World Bank is a global development association owned by 187 nations. It aims at eradicating poverty by giving monetary help to the government of its less affluent nations to support their economies and increase the expectation of life for their people.

As a research facility, the Bank is among the greatest on the planet. It covers expert divisions that counsel countries for issues relating to well-being, education & training, nutrition and health, finance, justice, regulation, and the climate.

The World Bank Institute, an alternate division of the bank, gives local-level research and studies educational setups for local government.

It was established in 1944 to help with the post-The Second Great War reconstruction of Europe and Japan. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is what was officially known as (IBRD). It had 38 individuals when it initially began working in 1946. Most of the world’s nations are right now part of it.

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