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Teenager who was “Missing” found inside Florida teacher’s home.

Investigators looking for a missing youngster in Florida found him inside home of his educator.

The young person, who is yet to be identified, was reported missing by his folks on August 12th, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators said that data from the course of their examination drove them to the home of Kelly Simpson, and found the missing teenager in her house.

Kelly Simpson (31) is working in the Charlotte County Public School District.

Simpson was arrested for intentionally concealing the boy despite knowing he was reported missing.

Simpson is blamed for getting the teen from an unknown area and afterward having him stay at her home. Investigators couldn’t find any reason for Simpson’s behavior.

As per the statement from the district, they said that they take these incidents very seriously and safety, protection and well being of their students is their top priority. They further added that the teacher who was arrested was working at Charlotte High School and has been placed on administrative leave.

Simpson was charged for interfering with custody of a minor.

What are you thoughts regarding this? What could be the reason for Simpson’s behavior? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below.

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