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Old lady dies in alligator attack after falling into lake-Florida


Last month also a similar accident took place when a man died while looking for frisbees where individuals are cautioned to beware of these reptiles.

An older lady who fell into Boka Royale golf course in Englewood, Florida was killed subsequent to being attacked by two alligators, specialists say.

She was seen falling into the water by a golf course in Englewood late on Friday and struggled to stay afloat.

While she was in the water, two alligators were seen attacking her.

She was articulated dead at the scene.

Two alligators have been taken out from the area, however it isn’t yet evident whether those were the reptiles in question. The reason for the lady’s passing has not yet been affirmed.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says alligators show a more active behavior when temperatures increase.

It comes after a man passed on in a suspected alligator attack while searching for frisbees in a lake in Florida

The 47-year-old was at Taylor Park Disk Golf Course in Largo where individuals are cautioned to be careful with these reptiles.

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